Nolla for Cosmetics

Nolla Silver Polymer is a highly versatile silver ion based antimicrobial technology for cosmetics. It can be used as a cost-effective replacement for triclosan, alcohol and other outdated technologies.

The need for new technologies

Many widely used active ingredients, like triclosan, have caused public concern and raised a need for new antimicrobial technologies in cosmetics.

Nolla Silver Polymer is a silver ion based, regulatory compliant antimicrobial technology for the cosmetics industry.

Nolla Silver Polymer highlights:

  • Versatile: Suitable for endless applications, use with or without alcohol, etc
  • Cutting edge: Base for completely new kinds of cosmetic products
  • Skin-friendly: Less or no skin irritation than with old technologies
  • Hypoallergenic: Suitable for all skin types
  • Cost-effective: Better margins, affordable products

It can be used both to replace old-fashioned technologies and to create completely new kinds of cosmetic products.

Nolla-containing products fit important trends in the cosmetic sector.

  • All Nolla-based products are preservative-free
  • All Nolla-based products are fragrance-free (hypoperfumed)
  • All Nolla-based products are colorant-free

Many of the products are hypoallergenic, and suitable for ultra-sensitive skin.

Nolla also makes it possible to create cosmetic products for special consumer groups like diabetics.

Skin-friendly cosmetics

Skin tolerance of Nolla has been tested by independent 3rd parties by ex-vivo methods and on skin. The results verify Nolla’s excellent skin compatibility.

Nolla Silver Polymer is a completely alcohol-free technology. This makes it skin friendly and also means that Nolla containing products do not cause painful stinging that alcohol based products induce. This is a beneficial feature in a wide variety of cosmetic products and especially in shaving products.

If necessary, Nolla can be used together with alcohol (to create certain types of deodorants, for example). This further adds to the versatile nature of Nolla.


Nolla Cosmetics licenses the proprietary Nolla Silver Polymer technology for use in cosmetic applications.

Current cosmetic product portfolio consists of over 20 products, including several market tested products with a high earning potential.

In addition to Nolla Cosmetics’s product formulations, Nolla Silver Polymer can be used as an additive in your company’s own cosmetic products.

The licensing package contains:

  • Technology transfer
  • Product formulas
  • Production parameters
  • Supply of Nolla Silver Polymer
  • Everything else needed for production

Licensees can also use contract manufacturers to accelerate sales ramp up, increase product portfolio and add production flexibility.

Time to market can as short as one month from signing of the licensing agreement.

Product range

silver oxide
Nolla is cost effective.
This amount (0.02g) of silver oxide is enough for three bottles (100ml) of aerosol deodorant for a total of 600 sprays of deodorant.
The current product range covers all types of deodorants, shaving products and products for treating mild acne or dandruff.

Nolla based deodorants are a unique combination of skin-friendliness and high performance. Their fragrance-free formulas leave the skin completely odorless (“unsmellable”). At the same time they are so gentle they are suitable even for ultra-sensitive skin.

Nolla shaving products are ideal even for ultra-sensitive skin. In addition to the normal benefits of shaving products, Nolla based products prevent microbial exposures providing long-lasting protection against inflammation and skin irritation.

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