Dry Cleansing Lotion

Nolla Dry Cleansing Lotion cleanses the whole body without the need for water or for rinsing. This gentle unscented lotion leaves skin odorless and clean.

  • Lotion is suitable for full body cleansing without water
  • Does not require rinsing
  • Gentle unscented formula
  • Eliminates body odors
  • Does not make skin sticky
  • Moisturizing components hydrate skin and leave an invisible protective layer
  • Ideal for immobile patients, traveling, trekking, military, hunting, etc.
  • Secondary protection for clothes against bad odor
  • Container: 250 ml bottle

Dry Cleansing Lotion for Businesses

We offer two forms of cooperation for our Dry Cleansing Lotion:

  • Private label: Our product, your branding
    We can have our products manufactured with your branding, so you can seamlessly add them to your product line. Our contract manufacturers offer fast delivery times and high quality.
  • Licensing: Nolla technology in your own product
    If you manufacture your own products, we can license Nolla silver polymer technology to be used in them. We offer full support for our licensees to make the deployment process as smooth as possible.

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